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This page was created to post job information by RUPA Members for RUPA Members. It is the responsibility of users to keep this information current and correct. Additions, deletions and corrections should be sent to: rupavp@rupa.org

XOJET Aviation
Location: Nationwide
Website: XOJET Aviation Careers (jobvite.com)
RUPA Contact: Captain Cort DePeyster – cortreno@aol.com

Location: Sacramento, CA.
Website: http://www.flyluxeaviation.com
Contact: Ken Luxe, ken@flyluxeaviation.com
RUPA Contact: Open

Location: Nationwide
Website: https://www.netjets.com/en-us/netjets-careers-pilot-jobs
RUPA Contact: Open

Atlanta Air Charter
Location: KRYY (ATL)
Website: https://www.atlantaaircharter.com
NOTE: Part time King Air BE200 FAR 135. Retired airline meets PIC min time required. SICs need 1000TT, 250 MEL, 100 in type.
RUPA contact: Captain Barry Davis, Ualift@gmail.com