11/11/15 - ZED travel moves to one platform; new airlines being added

We have begun transitioning all of our other-airline ZED agreements to the myIDTravel platform. Not only will this give you a one-stop, streamlined process, but you will be able to view flight statuses with happy, sad or neutral face indicators, see the policies and procedures from the other airlines and request a refund, all within the same tool. (If a particular carrier doesn’t use myIDTravel, you will still be able to buy tickets through the tool, though you won’t be able to view their loads.)

With this new tool we recently introduced our first Brazilian carrier for pass travel, Azul (AD), and have reinstated agreements with Scandinavian Airlines (SK) and Air France (AF).

Two new carriers—Virgin Australia (VA) and Virgin America (VX)—are coming by year-end; we'll be reinstating Hong Kong Express (UO); and we are negotiating with additional carriers to give you even more travel options.

In 2016 we will be reviewing all our travel agreements with the intention of adding business cabin whenever possible. However, some carriers don’t offer business class to their own employees and therefore can’t provide it to us.

7/14/15 - Login credentials for the United Pass Line

The United Pass Line (UPL) allows employees and retirees to create bookings, check Passenger Boarding Totals (PBT) and check ePass balances through a voice response phone system.   When an employee or retiree calls the UPL they will now be asked for their six-digit uID number  and password of the last four-digits of their social security number, which has changed from a five-digit subsidiary Continental ID number (if applicable) and the birth date as the password.  

Please note:  All employee applications now accept a six- digit uID number. We understand while some applications still accept a five-digit subsidiary Continental ID number, it is strongly recommended to begin using your uID.   In the near future (date still to be determined) the sunset of subsidiary Continental ID numbers will occur.  


ID number to use to log in with


Flying Together

Six-digit uID number

No change


Six-digit uID number

No change


Six-digit uID number

No change

United Pass Line

Six-digit uID number

Last four of your social security number

My Info

Six-digit uID number

No change

To find your uID if you don’t know it:

  1. Go to the Flying Together homepage.
  2. Move your mouse over your name at the top of the screen:  Welcome “Your Name”.
3.     View your uID on the pop-up.

7/1/15 - Questionable pass charges

There have been instances where retirees traveling on a pass felt they were charged fees which did not seem to be in accordance with our pass travel policies. Anyone  who is charged a fee for travel that they do not believe is proper should notify the Employee Travel Center at email ETC@united.com, phone is 877-825-3729 and/or the payroll deduction center at EPC@united.com.     

Keep in mind that even though fees and charges are waived for coach travel for all employees and retirees and for first/business class for those with more than 25 years service, certain fees, charges and taxes may be charged to the pass traveler for international travel. If there is a question about any of these charges the employee travel center or the payroll deduction center should be able to help. An explanation of how these charges may be applied is contained on the United flying together website ( http://flyingtogether@ual.com) under the Travel section (found in the blue banner at the top of the Home page), Travel Policies then Fees, charges and taxes. 

NOTE: All pass riders, regardless of seniority, have to pay departure taxes and fees.

These usually accrue when departing foreign countries.

You can determine such charges before listing by using the Pass Calculator in employeeRES>QuickLinks.

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