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Bulletin Board – August 3rd, 2020

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August 3rd, 2020

RUPA Members: Options for RUPANEWS!

Due to the evolving situation of the pandemic, the US Postal Service has been slow in the delivery of the mail. Would you like to receive the RUPANEWS by email? If so, please send an email to our Secretary-Treasurer at:


Enjoy the color edition. You may use this option as opposed to the hard copy edition. Selecting this option will save RUPA an enormous amount in production and postage costs. Further, you will receive a copy of the RUPANEWS much sooner. No action is required if you decide to receive the hard copy by mail.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

John Gorczyca

President, RUPA

Don Wolfe

Vice President, RUPA

John Rains

Sec/Treas, RUPA

Do not respond through this eblast, contact: rupasectr@rupa.org