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Bulletin Board – June 24th, 2019

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June 24, 2019

RUPA Members: Update from UAL!

This message is being sent to all retiree organization leaders

Good morning and happy Monday!

We’d really appreciate it if you could post this message from the Employee Travel Center in your next newsletter.

Employee Travel team wishes you an epic summer

School is out for summer, and the travel season is in full swing! That means busy airports, long lines and full flights. We all want a seamless travel experience as we make our way to family, friends and vacation destinations. Here is our summer travel checklist to help you have a smoother trip and at the same time help out your fellow employees who are working during this busy time.

  • Our award-winning United app is your travel toolkit. You can check in, check flight status, view your position on the standby list, receive a mobile boarding pass and more, directly from your mobile device. Download the United app for free before your next trip.
  • Before you decide what to wear on the plane, check out the Pass Travel Attire policy. Remind your pass riders, too. They represent you – and United – when they’re pass traveling, so we expect them to follow the attire policy, whether you’re traveling together or not.
  • Explain to your pass riders how the standby process works and that they should contact you if they have questions.
  • Keep in mind that some of our more popular destinations like Honolulu, London and other European locations are in high season and may make pass travel a challenge. Also, there are certain countries that may have different boarding process requirements than others – like Buenos Aires, where pass travelers have to be cleared at the check-in counter. These differences in process can be stressful for pass riders who aren’t aware. It’s always a good idea to research your destination – including its airport and travel policies – before you go.
  • Make your travel planning easier by using the helpful tools in employeeRES: Open Search lets you check flights with the most seat availability to or from anywhere, and you can set up Flight Watch to send you notifications with boarding totals for up to 10 flight segments of your choice.
  • We have 122 interline ZED agreements that increase our global reach far beyond the United network. You can purchase your interline tickets online ahead of time. Check out our other airline travel page to learn about eligibility, ticketing and more.
  • Expect long lines at airport security, and make sure to get there early. At the security checkpoint, be patient and cooperate with security officials.
  • Be kind to your fellow pass riders and to employees who are handling the summer crowds. Remember that caring is always important, whether you’re at work or on your way to a vacation destination!

Thank you!