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Bulletin Board – May 1st, 2018

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May 1st, 2018

RUPA Members:  Latest news from RAFA’s Kirk Moore!

Retiree Association of Flight Attendants

Pass Travel UPDATE April 30, 2018

1) New Flying Together website! 2) New links and paths for pass travel 3) Change EFs in June for July-December travel 4) How to change your personal information 5) New destinations on United this summer 6) United news 7) RAFA website

Read this UPDATE on RAFA’s website, the links may work better:


1) New Flying Together website!.

The cut-over to United’s new Flying Together website is tentatively scheduled for May 9, 2018. After the cut-over only the new version will be available. Explore now and become accustomed to it here: ft.ual.com


1)  Import all your existing tools & favorite shortcuts into the new Flying Together.
2)  All Pass Travel information will still be in the “Travel” section, but it will be located in new tabs and menus within that section. Click around to discover or use RAFA’s “Important links” page…see #2 below.
3)  When you find a page you need often, click “Add to favorites” at the bottom of that page and you’ll be able to quickly access it with one click using your “Favorites” (the heart icon) link.  

2) New links and paths for pass travel      

Retirees may get need a little help looking for pass travel information on the new Flying Together website. No problem! RAFA recently updated all of our “Important LINKS” (including handy phone numbers). Below each link is the path we took, so you can easily navigate the new menus of the Travel section. For example: FT > Travel > Programs and policies > Types of travel > (look in fly out menu “In this section”) > “Preparing for travel” is the path to find out everything “you need to know before you go”. Read about how to book travel, proper attire, service charges, refunds, etc. in “Preparing for travel”.

Check out RAFA’s links here: http://www.rafa-cwa.org/page-1831807

Scroll down past the phone numbers to the LINKS, click a link and then sign into FT. Once you’re signed in, RAFA’s links will take you straight to the topic you’re looking for. Try using the paths to do it yourself. Happy hunting!

3) Change EFs in June for July-December travel

We mentioned this in the March Pass Travel UPDATE, but note the new path!

Once mid-year enrollment begins in June, visit the NEW Flying Together website ft.ual.com . Go to FT > Travel > Pass Travel > “Manage pass riders”. Remember, if you do not want to change your current EFs then no action is needed; they’ll automatically roll over on July 1. More information will become available on Flying Together in May.

4) How to change your personal information

As retirees, we are not able to access the features of “MY INFO” on Flying Together.

However, we can change our personal information online here:

  • log into FT.ual.com
  • click on “Employee Services”
  • click on the link to “Health and Insurance, Your Benefits Resources (YBR)”
  • Once redirected, click on “Your Profile” in the top banner to the right of your name.
  • Click on “Personal Information” and make the necessary changes.

Or call the Benefits Service Center: 800-651-1007        

5) New destinations on United this summer!

Check out new UA flights to Reykjavik, Edinburgh, Zurich and Porto plus 25 other seasonal locations this summer. Return to Mexico and the Caribbean as flights resume to hurricane-impacted airports and, in late October, United will fly non-stop to Tahiti! For more info and a chart read United’s Newsroom article on 4/26/2018:


6) Recent news on Flying Together > News                                   

7) Have you seen RAFA’s website?

Check out the Travel Benefits tab here:  http://www.rafa-cwa.org

Read the Pass Travel Program Summary, helpful links, phone numbers & more.For other Pass Travel Topics: Previous Travel UPDATES

Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee April 30, 2018

Thank you Kirk!!!

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